Table Talk Pies opens retail store in Canal District

By Cyrus Moulton
Telegram & Gazette Staff

WORCESTER – Offering lemon, pecan, blueberry and other assorted pies along with a slice of nostalgia, Table Talk Pies opened a retail store Tuesday in the Canal District.

A steady stream of pie fans welcomed the new business.

“Table Talk is sort of a local landmark in many ways,” said customer Kevin Chosta, picking up an 8-inch blueberry pie. “It’s sad to see local businesses that over time have fallen by the wayside, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Table Talk.”

Table Talk Pies was established in 1924 by Greek immigrants Theodore Tonna and Angelo Cotsidas. The company was sold in 1965 to Beechnut, and then changed hands several times before closing down in 1984.

In 1986, Mr. Tonna’s son-in-law, Christo Cocaine (whose name had changed from the original Kokkinis) reopened Table Talk, focusing on selling snack pies to grocers and convenience stores.

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