Award Winning Pies

Each year bakers–amateur, professional, and commercial–from around the country and Canada compete to determine who makes the best pie. Since 1995, The National Pie Council has created and maintained a standard of quality by offering blue ribbons to the best pies each year.

This provides Table Talk and other bakers the opportunity to share new flavors and update old favorites to submit them to be judged. Some pies that are submitted are even produced for our customers to enjoy!

The competition is tough and Table Talk is proud of our National Pie Championship Blue Ribbons.



  • 4-inch Apple Snack Pie
  • 4-inch Chocolate Pecan Snack Pies
  • 4-inch Mango Pineapple Snack Pie
  • 4-inch Strawberry Snack Pie
  • 8-inch Cherry Almond Crunch Dessert Pie
  • 8-inch Premium Natural Juice Blueberry Dessert Pie
  • 8-inch Pecan Dessert Pie


  • 4-inch Bumbleberry Snack Pie
  • 4-inch Pumpkin Snack Pie
  • 4-inch Sweet Potato Snack Pie


  • 4-inch Caramel Apple Snack Pie
  • 4-inch Pecan Snack Pie