The commitment to caring for community is a central pillar of Table Talk Pies’ philosophy. As a family owned business, Worcester is our community and its residents, our neighbors.

We are proud of our community engagement efforts to promote education and development of young people, combat hunger and homelessness, support access and opportunity for those in our community, and celebrate community heroes.

Criteria for donations:

  • An application is submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the pick-up date requested; preferably with 6 weeks of lead time
  • The organization is a qualified non-profit 501c organization, valid tax-exempt form may be required
  • The goals of the sponsoring and participating organizations and event or program are in line with Table Talk Pies’ philosophy, values of equity and inclusion, and philanthropic focuses.

We hope to fulfill as many requests from non-profits as possible. If we are unable to, we do offer deep discounts. All donations are made at the sole discretion of Table Talk Pies, Inc.

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