Community Involvement

For almost 100 years, a passion for the community has been an important part of who we are. That’s why we’re committed to being a good neighbor in the communities where we live and work.

Our goal is to partner with local non-profit organizations and community groups who are addressing issues we care about and supporting members of our community. In the last few years, we have donated over 400,000 pies each year to support their efforts.

Making a difference in our community:

Supporting education and opportunities for development

The importance of and commitment to education was central to the philosophy of the founders of Table Talk Pies. We provide pies to scores of schools on Pi Day (3/14) and on an individual basis to schools and organizations offering afternoon, weekend, and summer educational programs.

Promoting access and opportunity for all in our community

Whether it is welcoming new members of our community, providing support for those facing health and wellness challenges, or those who empower the most vulnerable in our communities, we seek to support the organizations who support equal access and opportunity for all members of our community.

Combatting hunger and homelessness

Nobody should go hungry or worry about where they will sleep at night, which is why we support programs like St. Johns Food Pantry, Catholic Charities, and Worcester County Food Bank that provide relief to individuals and families in need.

Celebrating Community Heroes

We are grateful for any opportunity to support our community heroes including first responders and veterans. We are also grateful to all the unsung heroes who are offering their time and talent to raise awareness, fundraise, and engage others to address issues affecting communities in the Worcester area.

Supporting Worcester Institutions:

“Baseball and pie – a perfect example of a match made in Worcester. For over ten seasons, fans have enjoyed pie at the ballpark on a hot summer night, and kids have been overjoyed to throw their face into the middle of one in the ‘Table Talk Pie Eating Contest.’ Smiles are baked right here in Worcester at Table Talk Pies!”

Dave Peterson, Worcester Bravehearts