Our History

In the early part of the 1920s, the call of “Fresh Pies…get your fresh pies here!” was a welcome greeting as the Table Talk wagon filled with fresh pies was pulled by horses throughout small-town neighborhoods. Table Talk Pies has been offering their pies to every neighborhood, big or small.

Table Talk was founded in 1924 in Worcester, MA by two Greek immigrants who came to the United States to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Mr. Theodore Tonna and Mr. Angelo Cotsidas met while working for a local Greek bread baker. After a trip home to Greece, Tonna and Cotsidas decided to open their own bakery. They continued to make bread but soon began to offer pies that they would hand-make overnight and sell by day.

They chose the name Table Talk because they believed that families should have something to enjoy when they sat around the kitchen table and talked. According to family history, the name was also related to Theodore Tonna’s initals, TT.

With hard work and perseverance, Tonna and Cotsidas built the strong foundation that our company is built on today; an unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality pie possible coupled with an emphasis on customer service.

Having worked with his mentor, father-in-law, and co-founder, Theodore Tonna, through the 1950’s-1970’s, Christo Cocaine was key to the company’s growth. In 1985, Christo Cocaine purchased the company out of bankruptcy and sought to restore it according to the vision of his mentor. He breathed new life into the traditions the founders began and under his leadership, Table Talk flourished.

Today, the over three hundred person team at Table Talk Pies bakes over 250 million pies a year at three automated bakeries where it all began, in Worcester MA.



Table Talk Pies Founded by Theodore Tonna and Angelo Cotsidas, located at Clayton Street in Worcester.


Company moves to Beacon Street in Worcester.


Table Talk Pies moves to Green Street/Washington Street in Worcester.


Table Talk expanding Direct Store Delivery to Supermarkets throughout New England.


Table Talk Pies Bought – Company sold to Beech-Nut


Cristos Cocaine, Mr. Tonna’s son-in-law, stops working for Beech-Nut.


Company closes down after changing hands several times


Mr. Cocaine buys the company out of bankruptcy.


Mr. Cocaine reopens Table Talk Pies at the Green Street/Washington Street location.

July 2003

Harry Kokkinis, Mr. Cocaine’s son starts working for the company.

February 7, 2015

Mr. Cocaine passes away.

August 2015

Table Talk Pies opens production plant for 8-inch pies on Bowditch Street in Shrewsbury.

October 2016

Company breaks ground on 50,000 square-foot building at South Worcester Industrial Park.

September 2017

Table Talk Pies expands operations at South Worcester Industrial Park on Southgate Street.

September 2019

Table Talk, along with partners —Chacherone Properties, Tippman Innovation, H&M Bay, and the City of Worcester–celebrate the opening of Armory Street Cold Storage.

January 2020

Table Talk Pies and Chacharone Properties announce plans to Build a State-of-the-Art Bakery in Main South.

August 2020

Table Talk Pies, Chacharone Properties and the City of Worcester Celebrate Groundbreaking of Table Talk Pies’ New State-of-the-Art Bakery at 58 Gardner Street in South Worcester