Table Talk Pies opens first retail store in 20 years today

By Alban Murtishi,
on January 24, 2017

It’s been more than 20 years since someone could walk into a cafe, order a Table Talk 8-inch pie with a side of vanilla ice-cream and sip on coffee while watching cars pass through the Canal District in Worcester, Mass.

Pie-lovers, rejoice: Table Talk Pies is opening a retail store on 153 Green St. Tuesday at 9 a.m. The first 10 customers get a free coffee or tea with their purchase of a pie.

The retail opening follows an expansive period for the once-dormant pie company.

Table Talk Pies was almost sunk by its corporate owners in the 1980s. However, when the Kokkinis family took the company back in the 2000s and shifted its focus back to their addicting 4-inch pies, their fortunes began to turn.

Harry Kokkinis, the third-generation of the Table Talk Pies family, is expanding the brand by re-opening the Table Talk retail store, and building a new production plant in the South Worcester Industrial Park. The city of Worcester is in the midst of a renaissance of development, dining and culture that has taken off in the past few years.

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