Table Talk Pies and Chacharone Properties Plan to Build a State-of-the-Art Bakery in Main South (Perishable News)

Worcester, MA – Table Talk Pies, Inc. plans to build a new state-of-the-art, energy efficient 120,000 + square foot bakery to produce dessert pies within the former Crompton & Knowles Complex in Worcester’s Main South neighborhood.  Partnering with Chacharone Properties, the 95-year old Worcester company will move its Kelley Square bakery on Washington Street to an underdeveloped plot of land in a revitalized area of the City.

“My father and his partner—two Greek immigrants—moved to Worcester and started Table Talk here because it was a city where they could build a life for their families and a business,” said Mary T. Cocaine, Table Talk Pies, majority shareholder. “I am proud that over 95 years later, Worcester is still a city that the company calls home and the Table Talk family can continue to grow.”

The plan is to build a more streamlined and efficient facility to produce dessert pies that will replace the Kelley Square operations.  Table Talk will lease the building from Chacharone Properties.  The new facility will include food grade production space, warehouse, and office space for Table Talk. As with two previous buildings developed for Table Talk Pies, Chacharone Properties plans to use high efficiency and environmentally-friendly construction materials that complement the designs of other updated buildings in the neighborhood.  The goal is to have the entire project completed and ready to begin operations in June 2021.

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