PRESS RELEASE: Table Talk Pies Hosts Ribbon Cutting for New Facility – Armory Street Cold Storage in South Worcester Industrial Park

Worcester (September 12, 2019)— Just recently finished,  “Armory Street Cold Storage,” a new cold storage facility, will be opening Thursday the 12th of September with a private, invite-only ribbon cutting ceremony at 65 Armory Street, Worcester at 4 p.m.   Armory Street Cold Storage is a separate company but is part of  the Table Talk Pies, Inc. family of companies. The new freezer sits adjacent to Table Talk’s 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility on Southgate Street.

Table Talk Pies will now have dedicated cold storage space and will be able to store a large portion of their finished goods at this location, enabling the company to streamline their distribution process.  Armory Street Cold Storage is roughly 30,000 square feet of cold storage space, consisting of slightly over 3,100 pallet positions, and six shipping and receiving docks.

“When my grandfather and his partner were making pies at night and delivering them by horse drawn carriage in the morning, I do not think they ever could have imagined this,” said Table Talk President Harry Kokkinis.  “Having this dedicated capacity is an important milestone for our company’s future that would not be possible without our partners—Chacherone Properties, Tippman Innovation, H&M Bay and of course the City of Worcester—particularly Councilor Saria Rivera, Mayor Petty, City Manager Ed Augustus, and Peter Dunn of the Business and Community Development Division.”

The new state-of-the-art freezer will utilize cutting edge technology. Operators can monitor, track, and make changes to the temperature—0 degrees or lower—in real-time through sensors in the warehouse that communicate directly to their mobile devices. They will also have access to safety information and know immediately if an incident occurs in the warehouse.

The brand-new building was constructed by the developer of the project, Chacherone Properties, with Fort Wayne, Indiana-based cold storage builder Tippman Innovation as the general contractor. A key aspect of this project is that it is designed to maximize energy efficiency. The freezer will be managed by H&M Bay, a national leader in LTL transportation logistics and cold storage.

“With the second new building in South Worcester, Table Talk Pies has made a significant contribution and commitment to Worcester and the South Worcester community,” said Jim Chacherone, founder & principle of Chacherone Properties, LLC.  “We are proud to be a part of this expansion and look forward to supporting Table Talk Pies in the years to come.”

“Harry Kokkinis and Jim Chacherone have been great partners,” said Rob Adams, partner of Tippmann Innovation.  “We also had great support from all of the local Worcester contractors that were involved in this project. We are happy to be part of building the state-of-the-art freezer that will support the manufacturing arm of Table Talk Pies.”

“H&M Bay looks forward to solidifying our relationship with Table Talk Pies and we’re excited about our role in Armory Street Cold Storage,” said Walt Messick, III, COO of H&M Bay, Inc.

Table Talk Pies

Founded in 1924, Table Talk Pies is one of the leading full line producers of pies, providing its customers with a wide range of sizes and formats. Headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts, the skilled bakers bake over 200 million snack pies a year, in addition to the 8” and 10” dessert pies. Always a favorite of every New Englander, pies are now distributed from coast to coast. Table Talk Pies can be found in your local grocery store, convenience store,  or mass merchandiser.

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