Leaving Kelley Square: Table Talk to focus on producing 8-inch pies at new Main South Worcester factory (Mass Live)

For Harry Kokkinis and Table Talk Pies, the dream of a brand new bakery came with the 95-year-old bakery’s expansion in South Worcester.

Since the 2017 opening of a second factory for the iconic Worcester business, which brought new life to the South Worcester Industrial Park, Kokkinis started to consider a new headquarters.

“We’ve just seen how that’s met all of our expectations and then some there in terms of efficiency, reduction of waste and just the ability to manage our process and I think we were inspired by that new building to take a serious look at Washington Street and what could be done there,” Kokkinis said. “I think we came to the conclusion that we really needed a new building to have something that was efficient and cost-effective.”


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