I ate the Table Talk Snozzberry Pie to see if it really tastes like snozzberries (Mass Live)

I don’t know what Gene Wilder was thinking about when he said that the “snozzberries taste like snozzberries,” but the new limited edition Snozzberry Pie from Table Talk Pies in Worcester is probably pretty close.

It’s a mystery medley melding multitudes of merry muddled monosaccharides. Matter of fact, it might be the most mirthful mishmash of miscellaneous material my mouth may meet — minus my mother’s magnificent makings.

The mini-pie was the product of a partnership with the Hanover Theatre ahead of their venue’s upcoming musical production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and is available at The Pie Store on Green St. in Worcester and will run you two for $1 — less than an actual Wonka bar these days.

Some pies even have a golden ticket for free admissions to opening night at the Hanover Theatre (I didn’t win). But let’s get to the real question: What the heck does it taste like?

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