Table Talk Pies’ new president looking ahead to the future

WORCESTER, Mass. – Isaac Long took over as president of Table Talk Pies in June and is excited and optimistic about the future of the Worcester pie manufacturing company.

“I’m not sure there’s really anyone else who can really give us a run for our money,” Long said.

After battling inflation all of last year, Long said all eyes are on the pies of the future. Inside their headquarters in Worcester, dozens of employees are hard at work handling dough and filling, making sure each pie is just perfect.

“We are so efficient in our production that relative to our competition, I’m not sure there is another pie company in America that can actually keep up with what we have,” Long said.

At the Worcester facility alone, each line is pumping out about 50,000 pies a day, making for about one million pies a week. But after 99 years of pie, how do you keep customers, coming back for more? Long said its something they are working on.

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