Table Talk Pies celebrates Pi Day 2020 with Studio10 on WJAR-NBC10 Providence

Math = Pie!!! It doesn’t have to be 3.14 to enjoy a Table Talk Pie but National Pie Day is a perfect reason to indulge!

This 3rd generation family have been making fresh baked pies since 1924 and have no plans on slowing down. They are always in the community making life just a litter sweeter!

Back in the early 2000s they partnered up with a handful of schools to donate pies in honor of education on 3.14 and today they supply over 170 schools including over a dozen in Providence with Pies as a way to support education and show gratitude to our educators.

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NBC10 Providence (Studio 10), Table Talk Pies, 3.13.20

On Pi Day, Table Talk delivers to Worcester schoolkids (Telegram & Gazette)

By George Barnes
Telegram & Gazette Staff

Posted Mar 14, 2019 at 2:59 PM

WORCESTER – On Pi Day, Table Talk Pies handed out thousands of its iconic treats to public schoolchildren, and it was much appreciated.

“I like this the best,” said Douglas Monteroza, a pupil at Canterbury Street Elementary School, holding a chocolate eclair pie that he and friend Maytham Abdulkareen received from Table Talk Pies President Harry Kokkinis. “The cream is so good and it is perfect with the chocolate.”

Mr. Kokkinis visited the school Thursday morning, accompanied by several pallets of Table Talk pies. Mr. Kokkinis, along with employee Tara Tula, who was dressed as a Table Talk pie, handed out pies at lunch hour to any student who wanted one.

Pi Day was created to celebrate pi, a mathematical constant and irrational number used to define the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It is celebrated on March 14 because its first three of an infinite number of non-repeating digits are 3.14.

“We like to celebrate (Pi Day) with schools in Worcester by giving away pies and help math teachers with their lessons on the importance of the number pi,” Mr. Kokkinis said. “It is a number that helps us create circles. We use pi every day and we use it when we make our pies, as our pies are round.”

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