Snack Pies

Your favorite pies with the same great taste and ingredients baked in a convenient 4″ size for single serve snacks. Sold in both the ready to eat packs as well as thaw-and-serve variety.

Dessert Pies

6″, 8″, 9″ and 10″ pies in almost every flavor imaginable. Table Talk Pies specialty is making our pies in the format our customers need them, whether it be ready to serve or thaw-and-sell.

Exclusive Branding

At Table Talk Pies we work with customers from all areas of the food industry and understand the importance of branding. We are happy to offer exclusive branding as an option.

The Table Talk Pies Story…

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The Nation’s Largest Food Redistributor

Baseball and Pie – a perfect example of a match made in Worcester. For over ten seasons, fans have enjoyed pie at the ballpark on a hot summer night, and kids have been overjoyed to throw their face into the middle of one in the “Table Talk Pie Eating Contest.” Smiles are baked right here in Worcester at Table Talk Pies!”

Dave Peterson

Worcester Bravehearts

It’s been a long time.  50 years ago, when I was just a teenager, my parents worked, but my mom always left me a Table Talk pie as a snack when I got home from school.  I enjoyed them for years, but somewhere along the way (like college), the little pies left my menu.  Well, time passed.  I entered the talent and advertising fields and my wife (who’d been an arts major in graduate school) became a personal chef.  As such, she’s known in the nearby grocery stores and sometimes gets freebies.  One of which was a Table Talk full size apple pie.  I had a chuckle  as we sat down that night for our dessert.  And we both said “Wow!  It was that good.  Just like I remembered.  That was about a dozen pies ago – and we’re having a Table Talk pie on our table tonight.  In these days of mergers and cost cutting, thanks for keeping a great product – great still.

Jerry Carroll

Worcester, MA