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Established in 1924, Table Talk Pies is one of the most widely recognized and experienced pies bakers in the world today. Headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts, our skilled bakers bake over 80 million snack pies a year, in addition to our wonderful 8” and 10” pies. Always a favorite of every New Englander, our pies are now distributed from coast to coast. Table Talk Pies can be found in your local grocery store, convenience store, vending machine or mass merchandiser.

Our mission has always been the same, to manufacture the highest quality baked pie in America. We start by using only the finest wholesome ingredients in the country to create our rich filling and flaky signature crust. Wild Blueberries from Maine, Washington and New York Apples, Georgia Peaches, Pumpkins from the Amish farmlands of Pennsylvania, Sweet Potatoes grown in the rich soils of North and South Carolina and Pecans from Texas and Louisiana. Our skilled bakers follow in the footsteps of the traditional pie craftsmen that founded our company over 80 years ago and masterfully create “America’s Favorite Pie”.

Table Talk Pies, big enough to fill your order, small enough to care!